What does the course involve?

  • Speaking  英語會話
  • Vocabulary 英語詞彙
  • Reading 閱讀技巧
  • Listening 聆聽技巧
  • Punctuation 英語讀音
  • Grammar 英語文法
  • Creative Writing 創意寫作

We also provide business English classes for professionals:

  • conversational English/英語會話
  • reading and writing/讀寫能力
  • grammar/語法
  • pronunciation and phonics/發音及拼音
  • proofreading/校對服務
  • SAT, HKCEE, HKDSE, IELTS, TOEFL exams/各類考試準備
  • confidence building/建立自信

Helping students with their English to give them better opportunities: 

  • To increase their global understanding/加強全球知識
  • To increase employment potential/提升就業潛力
  • To increase native language ability/提高母語能力
  • To improve chances of entry into top colleges and universities/提高入讀國際一級學府的機會
  • To make travel more enjoyable/令旅途更輕鬆愉快
  • To increase study abroad options/增加留學選擇

* There are courses at different levels so you’ll be able to start at the right level for you. Each term is designed to meet your needs, takes place in a small, friendly atmosphere and will help to improve your English.

About the course :

It’s a:·



Kowloon centre


$1400 per month